Top 5 things to look for in a President (by Awie)

This is a post from by Awie about the Presdient's role according to Grace Abella-Zata, PMAP President.

President’s roles

Grace Abella-Zata, PMAP President, said in a press conference on Wednesday that any would-be president must perform each of the following roles in order to succeed:

1. Navigator.

  • Able to steer the country towards a just and humane society, and knows how to get the country there.
  • Has specific plans of action in solving problems like poverty, education, or corruption.
  • Is decisive when faced with complex issues and hence, must be intelligent.

2. Mobilizer

  • Must be good at building alliances to achieve consensus
  • Must work well with Congress and Senate

3. Servant leader

  • Must serve the people with a caring heart
  • Must put the public interest first before vested interests
  • Works hard and well to achieve the goals of government

4. Inspirational leader

  • Must know how to work well with the press
  • Can inspire unity, trust, and optimism among the people by being a good and moral leader

5. Guardian of national wealth and resources

  • Allocates and uses the country’s resources properly
  • Demonstrates strong political will, and is able to make right decisions for the common good, even if the decision is unpopular

Zata said that a candidate’s track record and political circle should also be considered since “past behavior predicts future behavior.”

“It’s like you’re making the Filipino people more educated or more enlightened in choosing better managers,” said PMAP Executive Director Gerardo Plana in a separate interview.

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by: Kristine Servando,

In this post in the Noypi-Ako blog, one said that he can only envision Noynoy Aquino, no other presidential aspirants can come any closer with all these five roles in one person.


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