Side Notes on Bloggers' Views about Ampatuan Massacre

Barbarians! Monsters! Killers! Murderers! Criminals! Whatever they call them, they committed a crime against humanity and crime that should be given retribution, now!!!

Here are the thoughts of few Filipino bloggers about the massacre:

From Child of Earth:

"In the end, all we have are rumors that refuse to be substantiated, and this sorrow, anger, indignation and frustration that refuses to be assuaged. Wanna bet that after a while, all this will die down, and people will refuse to remember anymore... until the next, more horrific massacre occurs? And meanwhile the underlying problems continue, and the impunity remains." full article here

Another from Raisa Robles:

"From what my source told me, I can only conclude that Teodoro knew even then how enraged the old man Ampatuan was." full article here

I expect more and more bloggers to condemn and perpetuate the issue until justice will be delivered with no less and no more.

Side Notes on "What’s wrong with Noynoy’s Campaign Ad?"

"There is really no point in defending Noynoy’s now popular campaign ad because it speaks for itself. Yet with all the buzz going on in and out of the mainstream media and in the internet about this very much talked about music video, it’s hard to ignore the impact it generated to both pro and anti noynoy camps..." (full post here)

Gusto kasi ng iba na magpadala tayo sa trapo hype, hindi pa nga nakafile ng coc, may mga pangako na, may platform na, may pr na, may ginagasta na, may (personal) investments na, may MAKINARYA na!!!

Side notes from a first time blogger but long time political observer...